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To Be, or Not to Be

By admin

Jun 06

Now that’s a question.
The first six words of Hamlet’s Act III, Scene 1 soliloquy are without doubt the
most famous line William Shakespeare ever wrote. It’s also one of the most
recognizable quotes in the English-speaking world.
And not a single word over three letters long.
The lesson? Keep it simple. Good copy is written in clear, concise, simple words
that get your point across. It’s conversational.
You can also fracture the occasional rule of grammar, if it helps to make
your writing more digestible. Sentence fragments, one-sentence paragraphs,
beginning with conjunctions and ending in prepositions are all fine,
even desirable.
And don’t forget to use plenty of bullets and numbered lists. Think your
audience is too sophisticated for this? Don’t be so sure.

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