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Long copy

By admin

Jun 06

The fundamental premise behind long copy is, “The more you tell, the more
you sell.” Ads that are long on facts and benefits will convert well.
Unlike a face-to-face conversation with a salesperson, a written ad has only
one chance to convert a reader. If you get in front of the reader, you’ve got to
lay it all out on the table.
Take the Google Analytics example above.
Page after page of facts and benefits are presented because the proposition
isn’t simple — typical prospects are going to be asking a lot of questions.
Better to anticipate those questions, and answer them in the copy.
But when you’re following the basic rules of content marketing that works,
remember that you don’t have to present all the facts and benefits up front.
You can leak the presentation over a period of weeks through an email
autoresponder (like our Content series), or a registration-based content library
(like MyCopyblogger).

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