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                2020 BCCSC Online Graduation Ceremony

                It is another year of graduation. The graduation ceremony of our school which has been held in the banquet hall of the Great Hall of the People for more than 20 years was transferred to online ceremony this year. I believe that the extraordinary graduation season and this special grand ceremony is also special memories which will stimulate special power and gain a special period of growth.


                91 Names

                Behind every name, there is a student that has worked hard for three years, there is a story of China and Canada worth cherishing for a lifetime, and it is also the pride and joy of a family. I wish all students a bright future! The school is also honored to witness the wonderful and colorful life of your high school, the success and wisdom you have achieved through hard work. Today you also witness the beginning of your new future.

                Graduation ceremony postponed due to epidemic situation According to requirements of the city's emergency response level adjusted to the second level issued by the Beijing Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Leading Group on the evening of June 16, the Education Committee immediately launched various work plans. From the 17th, all elementary and secondary schools were closed. Unfortunately, the suspension was only two days away from the original graduation ceremony scheduled for everyone in the classroom on the 19th.


                Chapter One Student Achievements

                Another year of great success for 2020 graduating class! Out of 84 students who have applied for universities around the world, we have received 266 acceptances from Canada, U.S, UK, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Korea and China etc. Close to 80 universities and colleges. Acceptance rate once again reached 100%. Almost 10% of the students received scholarships over 200,000 RMB each, over all amount almost doubled from last year reaching 2 Million RMB!

                Nearly 80% of Canadian admissions to Canadian universities this year were from the top ten universities in Canada's McLean’s medical and academic universities in 2019! It is twice of the number of last year.

                BCCSC has cultivated countless outstanding students with outstanding talents based on "all-round development, unity of knowledge and action"!

                Last year, there were admissions to the world's number one Berkeley Conservatory of Music!

                This year there are admissions to the world's number one art university in the UK and the New York Film Academy, which are the world's top art school!

                There are also admission to Nanyang Technological University in Singapore with a QS world ranking of 11 in 2020 and the Imperial College of Technology in the QS world ranking with 20

                李荣卿同学,在校期间获得加拿大数学竞赛优胜奖、费马国际数学竞赛优胜奖、海拔夏国际数学竞赛优胜奖、欧几里德国际数学竞赛优胜奖、加拿大中高级数学竞赛优胜奖等国际竞赛奖项,也多次被评为校级三好学生、优秀学生干部等荣誉称号;AP微积分BC 、AP 微观经济、AP物理均获得优异成绩;同时在学生会体育部、中加模拟联合国学术团队、中加商社、中加足球队等社团组织中有卓越表现,以雅思7.0分被多伦多大学(统计学)、UBC大学(数学和制药科学)、滑铁卢大学(数学和数学商科双学位)、渥太华大学(统计学)、劳瑞尔大学(数学商科双学位)、麦克马斯特大学(统计学)六所世界级加拿大顶尖大学直录;并荣获近八万元的奖学金!

                葛思琪同学,在2018-2019 ASDAN商赛中获得银奖,加拿大中级数学竞赛优胜奖, 费马数学竞赛优胜奖,多次获得长城枫叶??樽饕涤判憬?、年度AP优秀学生奖、班级之星、三好学生奖、 优秀共青团员、AP之星等荣誉称号,AP微积分BC、 AP 宏观经济 、AP微观经济 均获得优异成绩,以雅思7.0分被QS世界大学排名11的新加坡南洋理工大学(数学系)、美利坚大学(数学系)、西安大略大学(数学系)、西蒙菲莎大学(数学系)、麦吉尔大学(商科)、滑铁卢大学(数学系)、女王大学(经济)七所世界级顶尖大学直录;并荣获近五万元的奖学金!

                武一凡同学,在校期间获得ASDAN商赛银奖、加拿大中级国际数学竞赛优胜奖、费马国际数学竞赛优胜奖、卡雷国际数学竞赛优胜奖、海巴夏国际数学竞赛优胜奖、欧几里得国际数学竞赛优胜奖、迦罗瓦国际数学竞赛优胜奖、加拿大牛顿物理竞赛优胜奖、澳大利亚AMC数学竞赛银奖等多项国际竞赛奖项,也多次获得长城枫叶学业金奖、中加之星、学业成就奖,长城枫叶单科优胜奖,先进个人、文明个人、进步个人、班级之星、优秀学生干部、三好学生、年级之星、AP优秀学生,英语单词优胜奖、数学基本功大赛银奖、语文诗歌朗诵大赛一等奖等多个荣誉称号和奖励,2020年被评选为北京市级三好学生,同时在校团委、圆方民主委员会工作时表现突出,AP微积分AB、 AP 物理考试成绩优异。


                朱灿然同学,在校期间获得加拿大中级数学竞赛优胜奖、卡雷数学竞赛优胜奖、伽罗瓦数学竞赛优胜奖、高级数学竞赛奖牌、费马数学竞赛优胜奖、欧几里得数学竞赛、海拔夏数学竞赛奖牌、阿伏伽德罗化学竞赛优胜奖、澳大利亚AMC数学竞赛二等奖、欧几里得数学竞赛奖牌等多项国际竞赛奖项,也多次获得长城枫叶学业金奖、 AP学者奖等多个荣誉称号,而且在AP微积分AB、AP微积分BC、AP 化学、AP微观经济学多个学科考试中成绩优异;以优异的成绩被多伦多大学物理(数学系)、滑铁卢大学(应用数学专业、金融分析和风险管理系)、劳里埃大学(工商管理双学位)、麦克马斯特大学(工程专业)四所世界级加拿大顶尖大学录??;并荣获近四万元的奖学金!

                邱钰涵同学,在校期间获得加拿大中级数学竞赛优胜奖、卡雷数学竞赛优胜奖、伽罗瓦数学竞赛优胜奖、高级数学竞赛优胜奖、费马数学竞赛优胜奖、欧几里得数学竞赛 优胜奖、海拔夏数学竞赛优胜奖、阿伏伽德罗化学竞赛优胜奖、澳大利亚AMC数学竞赛 优胜奖、CAT澳大利亚数学竞赛优胜奖等多项国际竞赛奖项,也多次获得长城枫叶学业金奖、优秀个人、三好学生、中加之星、进步个人、先进个人、文明个人、班级之星、英语单词王、 AP之星等多个荣誉称号,而且在AP微积分AB 、 AP 微积分BC多个学科考试中成绩优异, 以优异的成绩被多伦多大学(物理与数学)、麦克马斯特大学(数学与统计学)、滑铁卢大学(数学系)、阿尔伯塔大学(数学与物理)、渥太华大学(数学系)、女王大学(数学系)六所世界级加拿大顶尖大学录??;并荣获近十万元的奖学金!

                The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

                The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is provided for awarding 5 BCCSC students who actively participated and won gold medals in activities organized by the Award Foundation. WANG Yurong “Candy”, WU Yifan “Aurora”, LIU Yuxin “Yona”, CAI Tianlin “Andy” and LI Sian “Charles” from BCCSC are the recipients of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award this year.

                The Canadian Governor General's Academic Medal

                The Governor General's Academic Medal was first awarded in 1873 by the Earl of Dufferin and has since become the most prestigious award that a student in a Canadian educational institution can receive. The Governor General of Canada continues this tradition encouraging Canadian scholarship and recognizing outstanding students.

                A Bronze Medal is awarded to the student who achieves the highest academic average from his or her High School. This average includes all grade 11 and grade 12 courses. QIU Yuhan “Chris” from BCCSC is the recipient of the Canadian Governor General's Academic Medal this year.

                Birks Silver Medal Award

                The Birks Silver Medal is provided by Henry Birks and Sons (Maritime) Limited for awarding a student of the graduating class in each school who has shown most leadership in student affairs during his or her high school years. HE Yunuo “Miya ” from BCCSC is the recipient of the Birks Silver Medal this year.

                2020 Outstanding Scholarships Recipients

                AKD International Scholarship Awards

                AKD International Education awards 1 scholarship in the amount of 2000 C$ to one top student who achieve the highest academic average from his or her High School and successfully admitted into World Ranking Top 20 University, along with demonstrating global citizen skills. AKD International Education Scholarship recipient is: QIU Yuhan “Chris”

                AEI Scholarship Awards

                AEI awards 1 scholarship in the total amount of 5000 RMB to 1 CCSC student with the highest overall mark in Chinese Language over the 3 years at the School. AEI Scholarship recipient is: WU Yifan “Aurora”

                CCSC Concord Academic Scholarships

                CCSC awards 1 scholarship in the amount of 10000 RMB to 1 CCSC student with the highest overall combined mark in Physics, Chemistry & Biology over the 3 years. CCSC Concord Academic Scholarships recipient is: QIU Yuhan “Chris”

                CCSC International Student Scholarships

                CCSC awards 4 scholarships in the total amount of 10000 US$ to 3 international students with the highest overall mark in Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12 high school program and 1 international student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and community service abilities. Each one will get 2500 US$. CCSC International Student Scholarships recipients are: G10: HEO YUN JEONG “Jane”, G11: LEE JAE MIN “Jack”, G12: LEE GYU YOUNG “Amy”, Leadership: YOO CHAE RI “Cherry”

                Tsui Family Foundation Scholarships

                Tsui Family Foundation awards 3 scholarships in the amount of 3000 RMB each to 3 BCCSC students with excellent performance in academic and school activities. Tsui Family Foundation Scholarships recipients are: ZHANG Yifan “Eva”, HE Qiongjie “Crystal” & LI Zheng “Allen”

                the King Constantine Medal

                Liu Yuxin won the King Constantine Award this year.

                Unesco's Painted Future Art Competition

                Duke of Edinburgh International Awards Silver Award

                Excellent Student of Beijing

                Guided by the connotation development philosophy of "internationalization, specialization and individualization", the school have embarked on both Chinese and foreign cultures. The road has trained more than 16,000 graduates in the 21st session, which has set a successful example of Chinese education.