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Don’t Read This, or the Kitty Gets It

By admin

Jun 06

Poor Fluffy. I asked you not to do this, and you’ve gone and broken the rules.
Things don’t look good for this cute little kitten I’ve taken hostage in case my
demands were not met. She is awfully sweet, though.
We’ll just have to wait until later on in the chapter to decide the fate of Fluffy.
But first, we really do need to discuss the ultimate goal of good copywriting.
Stick with me and I’ll go easy on the cat. Deal?
Let’s get started. What is the primary purpose of any piece of writing that
you put out online — whether a blog post, a networking email, a sales letter
or a tutorial?
For starters, to get what you’ve written read, right?
Makes sense.
So, what’s the primary purpose of your headline, your graphics, your fonts, and
every other part of the content?
The simple, surprising answer is…

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